SantaBox in association with North Fylde Rotary Club

Hi Everyone,

So as I'm sure you know, Santa has asked me to head-up the SantaBox Team here in the North Pole. We were checking the Naughty and Nice List and saw the work that North Fylde Rotary Club were doing to help provide food parcels to those vulnerable and in need from their local community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

I got my little helper Mittens to get in touch with them over Zoom and they told us that they wanted to continue helping people over the Christmas period and beyond so we've come up with a plan.

For a donation, I'll have a word with Santa and get him to film a personalised video for you or your kids. The money we raise for a video of Santa, will help provide a food parcel or as we call it here at the North Pole, a SantaBox.

After all, we elves believe Christmas is all about giving.

Got to run, we elves have a SantaBox planning meeting,

Santa's Chief Elf

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